Construction of floodplain structures (Banks B,C,E,D,F,F1,G, Snake creek stock crossing and Coombes bridge. The procurement process has commenced for construction following completion of detailed designs.

Significant work has been undertaken by DEWNR in the past few months to satisfy Government procurement requirements prior to going to tender. At this stage because of budgetary constraints, there is likely to be a staged approach to construction.

Banks B, B2 and C  will be the first rebuilt, then the removal of Banks G and H and the removal of Coombs Bridge. Snake creek crossing removal can be done at any stage.

The other sites D,F and F1 will be deferred until there is further clarity on funds from other sources.

PRLMG is still seeking a detailed drawing of the new structures B, B2 and C.

you will note that access to the area from the SE will not be possible after the removal of Coombs Bridge.

(from PIP reference committee October 2013).