The next PIP reference meeting will be held 4 October 2013  10am . Bruce Hewett will be attending. Leroy Sims, PRLMG’s other delegate will be an apology. ┬áItems discussed in that meeting were-

Signs promoting the efforts of restoration-nothing has progressed despite the fact that a budget from the Government is available to construct signs. It appears that there are more important issues for some government/semi government personel.

Plans were approved to load a Government Pike River website. Again government red tape seems to stop this happening. never mind this is the website that matters.

Community information event on October 26.

Despite the Aboriginal survey reports being paid for from the Riveriene Recovery Grant funds (Australian Government) it appears that these reports are deemed confidential to the Indigenous people and we may never know what they include. Is this a fair and proper way to spend community grant funds?

Cattle are still on the floodplain albeit in smaller numbers. DEWNR officers have advised owners of cattle that a final comply letter is to be posted soon. PRLMG have been assisting in the removal of cattle but the process has been slow and arduous

DEWNR planted several thousand trees on the Pike high plains earlier this year and have no facility to water them. They are asking the community to assist and PRLMG will respond with offers in due course.

Salinity is a high priority area for the government and a draft report on pike salinity has been completed and forwarded to the Murray Darling Basin Authority. Their report will issue in March 2014.

Upgrade of deep creek regulator has been on hold for over one year because of landowner access problems. Matters have been elevated to the Minister who has endorsed actions aimed at recommencing negotiations and finalising a solution.

Brad Hollis gave details of the work schedule for the Bank upgrades. Costs have risen considerably since the inception of the project and there is now a $4 million shortfall. This is not expected to delay the project with funds to be sourced from elsewhere. More details later.

Upgrade of pumps etc above the Col Col embankment will commence after summer. Those effected landowners will receive detailed letters from DEWNR.