The Pike Floodplain covers 6700 hectares between Paringa and Lyrup near Renmark and is a high priority ecological and cultural area of the River Murray. Aquatic habitats at the floodplain comprise permanent fast and slow flowing anabranches, and permanent and temporary wetlands. Currently, the floodplain suffers from declining ecological health. Key threats include altered flow regimes, elevated highly saline groundwater, obstructions to fish passage, and pest plants and animals. Three of the six major weirs in the Lower Murray provide a unique opportunity for large floodplain inundation. The Pike system, which straddles Lock 5, provides one such opportunity. The works being undertaken as part of the Riverine Recovery Project are enhancing infrastructure to manage natural high flow events and provide improved hydrological connectivity and fish passage.

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(Originally posted on Department Environment, Water & Natural Resources website)