Membership is open to anyone with a passion for the Pike environment whilst at the same time recognising that irrigation is crucial for the area. PRLMG likes to think of themselves as GREEN IRRIGATORS. We understand that a sustainable and rehabilitated Pike floodplain is essential for the long term viability of irrigators.

Where are we? What are our boundaries?

In the acknowledgement that the area should be open to all, membership of PRLMG is not restricted by domicile. PRLMG does however represent in particular the views of residents and landowners that draw a water supply from the Pike River and those landowners of Lyrup which fall within the boundaries of the Salt interception Scheme (SIS). PRLMG hold regular meetings usually of an informal nature in a local farm shed. Agendas are emailed to members prior to meetings and guests are welcome. Generally meetings are followed by a BBQ.

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